Imported Frozen Meat and Aquatic Products

I.     What information is required for the import declaration of frozen meat and               aquatic products:

i. Certificate of origin ii. Animal quarantine certificate (aquatic product is aquatic certificate) iii. Whether be within the list of countries allowed to import iv. Whether domestic consignee have food import and export circulation qualification? v. Domestic immigration animal quarantine certificate

II.     The frozen meat and aquatic products import declaration process:

i. Sign a contract ii. Food Chinese label audit (starting before the goods arriving) iii. Stocking iv. Prepare documents v. Delivery to port vi. Change order vii. Inspection viii. Customs declaration (price review, inspection) ix. Pay taxes x. Sticking Labels xi. Applicant inspection of CIQ xii. Cargo release

III. The import notes:

i. Whether the country (region) where the meat is originated is the country (region) where China is admitted (non-mad cow disease, foot and mouth disease, bird flu and other regions) ii. Does the overseas manufacturer have the registration of the Certification and Accreditation Administration of People's Republic of China? iii. Whether the domestic consignee has the frozen meat and aquatic product trade qualification iv. Is the Latin name of the aquatic product within the  Country (Region) and Aquatic Products Catalogue that has obtained the qualification for inspection and quarantine exporting to China

We can provide you with feasibility consultation before import and the title qualified for trade in meat and aquatic products.
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