Flour Product

I.    The flour product import customs clearance process:

Foreign stocking--preparation documents--label pre-audit--boarding--consignee and consignor registration--exchange order--claim CIQ inspection--CIQ release--customs clearance--tax payment--customs Inspection--motion and health inspection--sticking labels--sampling--label registration--customs release--sanitary certificate issuing--domestic sales

II.    Documents required for customs clearance of flour product:

i. Contract, packing list, bill of lading, invoice ii. Customs declaration Commission iii. Certificate of origin, health certificate iv. Chinese and English label sample v. Consignee registration of importing food vi. Copy of the consignee's business license vii. Other relevant documents (depend on specific condition)

III.  The notes:

i. Whether the overseas exporter and the domestic importer have completed the registration in CIQ ii. Whether domestic importers have import and operate pre-packaged food qualifications iii. Whether the ingredients and additives in the beverage meet the relevant Chinese standards regulations

According to the report on the return and destruction of imported pre-packaged foods in 2017 and 2018, the main problems leading to the return or destory focus on Chinese label, additives.

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