Chinese Label Design under China Law for Food & Beverages Item

Law of the People's Republic of China on Import and Export Commodity Inspection

Import and export commodities which are included in the List of Commodities and import and export commodities subject to inspection by the commodity inspection authorities under other laws or administrative rules and regulations must be inspected by the commodity inspection authorities or inspection organizations designated by the State Administration for Commodity Inspection or the commodity inspection authorities. No permission shall be granted for the sale or use of import commodities specified in the preceding paragraph until they have undergone inspection.

Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China

Imported pre-packaged food and food additive shall have Chinese labels. if instruction is required by laws or regulations, the instruction in Chinese shall be provided. Labels and instructions shall comply with this Law and provisions of other laws, regulations and food safety standards; the instructions shall indicate country of origin, Chinese domestic agent's name, and contact information. Pre-packaged food without Chinese labels of  instructions, or their labels or instructions do not comply with the Law shall not be imported.


Import and Export Food Safety Management Measures

Imported foods shall comply with the national food safety standards and relevant inspection     and quarantine requirements. Before the publication of the national food safety standards, the inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the standards enforced in the current quality standards for food agricultural products, food hygiene standards, food quality standards and relevant food industry standards.

Import and Export Pre-packaged Food Label Inspection Supervision and Management Regulations

If the inspection of imported pre-packaged food Chinese labels is unqualified, the CIQ shall inform the impor ter or its agent of all the contents of the non-conformity at one time. Where the safety, health and environmental protection projects are unqualified, the inspection and quarantine institution shall order the importer or its agent to destroy it, or issue a return notice, and the importer or its agent shall handle the return procedure.  If other items are unqualified, the importer or its agent may perform technical treatment under the supervision of the CIQ. If the technical treatment or technical re-inspection is still unqualified, the inspection and quarantine institution shall order the importer or its agent to return or destroy it.

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